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Surviving this Century

I have been thinking a lot about how to stay well and help my family stay well in these troubled times. The overuse of antibiotics and hormones as well as the chemical additives in our food over the past century have rendered us a weak and sick generation of people. What can we do in this century to reverse the ill affects on our health and the ecosystem. We all would like to tear it down and start over and do it right but it is a little late for that so lets go forward and do the best we can.

Eat to build your immune system. If you don't and your body is full of toxins when the pestilence catches up to you, you will not be able to fight it off. Antibiotics are loosing their usefulnes from over use so in addition to eating for health, we need to build our medicine cabinets and know how to use nature to our advantage. Scripture tells us that God has given us all things pertaining to life and Godliness  (2Pet2:3). I interpret that to mean physical and spiritual provisions..  Essential oils have been around for a very long time. When Mary annointed the feet of Jesus she used a very expensive nard which I have read is made from the oils of lavendar.  When James spoke of sickness  he said to lay hands on and annoint with oil while the Elders pray. Whenever the laws were given through Moses, the Lord gave two applications, what man could do, and what God would do when they made their saccrifice and petition to God. He wants us to do what we can but to also know that when we do what He has asked out of faith, He works in concert wtih us. 

There are many good sources of Essential oil products these days with much higher quality than in the past when oils were sold with more inexpensive filler oil and less of the true essense of the plant itself. Doterra and Young Living oil are two of the better oils although they are both MML or multi-marketing level companies. Some of the best products out there are sold in that way. Visit my Doterra website to look at the uses of these plant oils, the life force or blood of the plant with all of its healing built in.  http//    You will have to copy and paste from this page. 

 Many oils can be used in the same way as herbal supplements and put in drinks or put in capsules to be taken bypassing the tastebuds. I can give you a list of herbal supplements that are recommended for your condition and discuss compatibility with medicaitons or which essential oil can be used. Essential oils are used in many products that can be made at home. DIY websites teach soap making, shampoo, toothpaste, skincare, lotions, cremes, conditioners, lip balm, household cleansers and more. Feeling good about what you put on and in your body is well, priceless. Say no to toxins. Use nature to detox and keep your medicine in your home  so you know what is going into your body.

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