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The Lymphatic system is a network of vessels, organs, the spleen, thymus and tonsils, and nodes thoughout the body that filter bacteria, viruses, toxic debri and dead cells. The lymph fluid is a straw colored serum that also brings nutrients as well as white blood cells to areas of injury to protect us from infection and therefore becomes a very important part of our immune system. Edema is the swelling caused by excess fluid that cannot make it's way back into the venous circulation for various reasons. If a person has had surgery which required the removal of lymph nodes or if the lymph vessels had to be cut through, this might obstruct  the flow and cause the effected part of the body to swell, usually arms (breast cancer surgery) or legs, ankles, feet. Very often this is a condition that must be managed for a lifetime. If not managed, it can lead to wounds that do not heal easily, cellulitis, fatigue and shortness of breath, or more serious conditions. At best, it disrupts the quality of life for whomever has it. Management consists of getting lymph drainage massage which can be taught to a family member or significant other, specific exercises that increase flow, bandaging which may be temporary to get the swelling under control, skincare, and compression garments that will be worn to manage edema. As a certified Lymphedema RN, I can help you with all of these processes. Healthy Steps is a specialty lymphedema exercise training that not only teaches the appropriate exercises but also becomes a great support group and where we gain the most insight into what helps with this condition. 

If you have this condition and would like training and therapy in your home, I can come to you and teach you and your family members to do care including wraps, skincare, exercise, lymph drainage massage, and help you choose and order your compression garment for long term care as well as assistive devices for getting your compression garments on and off. Call 765-361-0029. 

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